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Gordon Thomas Honeywell " GTH Supports Equal Justice! "
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GTH's very happy 2017 teams
GTH's very happy 2017 teams
GTH is proud to field two Tacoma City Marathon relay teams for Run for Equal Justice 2018. Thank you for your generous support of pro bono legal services!

GTH Team #1
  • Eric Gilman
  • Jemima McCullum
  • Sal Mungia
  • Saranda Ross
  • Reuben Schutz
GTH Team #2
  • Dianne Conway
  • Julie Dickens
  • Warren Martin
  • Amanda O'Halloran
  • Kristina Southwell

Recent Contributors

Deborah Bailey Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/26/2018
"Go get em Sal! I am your biggest fan. Mom and I will be rooting for you. You've got this!"
Salvador Mungia Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 04/25/2018
"I will be running (well, at least hopefully moving in a forward direction) the final leg for Team GTH with my bad right knee, bad left ankle, but with the best attitude EVER! Anything for providing greater access to the legal system for those who can't afford the cost of an attorney."
Dolores And Mark Evans Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/25/2018
"We are proud to support you Kristina Southwell as you run for this worthy cause!"
T.J. & Jacqui Parkes Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/24/2018
"Good luck with the run."
Ed & Anna-sara Grogan Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/24/2018
Ray &Tasha Hurst Amount: $ 53.42 Date Received: 04/24/2018
"Great cause. Much needed."
Kristina Southwell Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/23/2018
"I'm looking forward to running for a good cause! "
June Mercer Amount: $ 112.42 Date Received: 04/19/2018
Julie Dickens Amount: $ 263.94 Date Received: 04/18/2018
"Donation made by the Seattle GTH Contribution Committee"
Blake Kremer Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/9/2018
Pamela Mildenberger Date Received: 04/9/2018
Dianne Conway Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/8/2018
Lisa Kremer Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/8/2018
"Go GTH!"
Eric Gilman Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 03/21/2018
"Let's go GTH!"